Halfway through…


I was looking at the calendar on my planner the other day and it hit me… I am halfway through my time in Australia.

This is crazy for me to think because it still feels like just yesterday I was hopping on a plane to take the long-ass flight across the globe to get here. How could time go by so quickly?!

This sudden epiphany also made me realize that I have been posting as much as I had anticipated. Actually, I really haven’t posted at all – this is my second blog post. I owe this to schoolwork, exploring Australia, and just general laziness. Much to my surprise, blogging is pretty hard!

Here’s an update as to what I have been up to since I first set foot in the land of kangaroos:

About a month or so ago, a couple of friends and I travelled to visit probably the most iconic city in all of Australia – Sydney. This was my first time staying at hostel ever, and let’s just say the hostel life is definitely not the life for me! The first night a drunk guy fell asleep in my friend’s bed.

We spent a couple days exploring the city and seeing the sites. Obviously, we visited the habour bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Both were awesome! Me and two friends also spent money on a dinner boat cruise that toured the harbour. It was probably the best decision I could have made.


After exploring the city, we then headed to Bondi Beach, one of best beaches in all of Down Under. If you haven’t heard of the beach, then let me tell you, it’s a sight to see. Apparently, the lifeguards at the beach have their own reality TV show. The waves and undertoe at Bondi beach are so strong, they literally have a television show about the lifeguards saving people who get caught in the currents. It’s crazy! Good thing I didn’t know about that until afterwards.


Right now I am on mid-semester break in Cairns. I am here for a few days before heading to New Zealand to see Hobbiton (and other sights)! Until next time!

I Made it Down Under!

I made it, everyone! I arrived almost a month ago (time really does speed by) at Monash University, Clayton campus in Melbourne, Australia – my new home until July.


My first couple of days were spent dealing with the jet lag (by dealing, I mean sleeping… a lot!). The residence hall I am staying at here had a bunch of exciting trips and activities to take up the time until classes started. I was able to meet a bunch of fantastic new people from all around the world; I am sure I will get to know them better as my time here continues!

Right now I just finished up my second week of classes. I am starting to get used to what lectures and recitations (they’re called Tutorials here aka “Tutes”) are like here at Monash!

I’ll share more of what has happened in my first month Down Under in the coming days!